GWACS Defense, Inc (GDI) Designer and Manufacturer of the Premier Acoustic Detection  and Location System designed for urban and complex acoustic environments:
Wireless/wired, acoustic sensor array operating in a fully distributed and meshed network includes stationary, man-wearable, vehicle mounted (wheeled and tracked) and leave behind gunshot detection sensor systems that provide comprehensive persistent small arms surveillance and detection with accurate location, without a requirement for human operators. In addition, it provides extensive post-incident forensic capabilities. GDI netted system with hardware accelerated computational capability provides for classification for detection, location and tracking of virtually any event including drone/UAV's, multi-caliber small arms detection, currently from 5.56 to .50 Cal detection and location among others.

Acoustic Gunshot Detection System, Acoustic Drone Detection System, Sensors, HFI, Thermal, Infrared, GDS, Hostile Fire, Active Shooter, mass shootings, mall security, school security, airport, public event. most accurate gunshot detection. 

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